****************** G A R D B E R G ******************

The roots of the Gardberg family are firmly based in the Finnish countryside - in Vichtis in the south of Finland. Our very first ancestor Jacob Pålsson lived in Vichtis as a farmer (1559-1582). Later on the farm got a obligation to keep a cavalry force (yeomanry) for the authority.

The original farm was called Jaakkola - located in the village of Kaharla in Vichtis. The family name Gardberg has developed from that farm's parallel name Kahari (Kahari - Kaharberg - Karberg - Gardberg).

Gabriel Gardberg (1758-1808), the descendant of the first ancestor, moved to Helsinki to be a guild master of a tannery. He had a son Gustav (1799-1876) who also became a guild master of that tannery. His family moved later to Ekenäs where their eldest son Anton Gabriel (1834-1920) became the third tanner in the family. The younger brother Karl Edward (1837-1899) became a sea captain and was the captain on the steam-schooner Aino of Ekenäs.

Anton Gabriel, and his eldest son Otto Richard (1872-1930), who was a well known doctor in Ekenäs, formed the Ekenäs-branch of the family. Karl Edward started the Turku-branch through his son Anton Rudolf (1873-1932), who in his early teens moved to Turku and founded there e.g. the chocolate factory Hellas (not existing anymore).

OBS! Forward in this document the text are in Swedish.

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